1st Silver Hammered Coin with Minelab Etrac01:54

1st Silver Hammered Coin with Minelab Etrac

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Is there anyway by using {{if}} to select the previous number?
For example, the number of the following code: {{#expr:{{#time:ymd|{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}}}-{{#time:ymd|02:57, March 11, 2012 (UTC)}}}}
which currently is zero.

It reads Cprt-basiliwose Cprt-basiliose Cprt-TimokariwoseCprt-b(p)asi




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999er Gelbgold

Nennwert: 50 Dollars Prägequalität: PP Ausgabejahr: 2007 Durchmesser: 11 mm Ausgabeland: Naminia Vorderseite: Lady Diana Rückseite: Staatswappen Rand: Gekerbt

Gewicht ca. 0,5 Gramm

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